Jim Schoolfield


James E. Schoolfield Jr.

Jim Schoolfield has more than 50 years of commercial construction experience. He has
been a Construction Consultant since 1991. Jim’s primary responsibilities have been Project
Management, Construction Management, Value Engineering, and Owner Representation of
partnered projects. He has worked individually, and as a team member. Jim also serves as an
inspector for Berkadia, a lending company.

Communication Experience

For the past nine years, Jim has been involved in the communications industry. He served as
Project Manager for the Discovery Communications Headquarters building in Silver Spring,
Maryland. He was also Project Executive for Discovery’s two technology-driven structures in
Maryland and Virginia.


Jim is a graduate of The University of Maryland, with a degree in Education for Industry.


Examples of Building Characteristics and Individual Services Provided

Discovery Communication Headquarters – Architect: Smith Group – MEP: Flack & Kurtz

550,000 square foot structure with 300,000 square feet of parking below grade. Curtain
wall and stone exterior , first floor conference rooms, lobbies, media center, child
care center, break-out areas,. Floors 2-10: offices and conference room, 2000 square foot
data center. Emergency power, fire and egress only. Utilities: gas and electric.
Technology: fiber connectivity, satellite dishes (receive only), LEED Designation

*Services Provided

1. Solicit Architects & Engineers – negotiate contracts
2. Assist in design process
3. Coordinate preconstruction pricing and value engineering
4. Coordinate design and installation of public utilities
5. Assist with approval process
6. Assist with general contract negotiation
7. Manage construction
8. Review and negotiate change order proposals
9. Coordinate all requests for revisions by Owner
10. Assist with “punch out”

Discovery Origination & IT Facility – Architect: Archcentric – MEP: JDA

54,000 square concrete building including a circular television control room, tape library,
data center for both production and IT, personnel space, break-out area. Utility power:
redundant. Emergency power,: redundant. Satellite dishes (receive only), fiber (send
only), and UPS

*Project Executive Services Provided:

1. Solicit and negotiate all contracts
2. Assist in design process
3. Assist with integration coordination
4. Manage pricing procedure
5. Assist with utility design and construction
6. Assist with construction management
7. Assist with approval process
8. Review and negotiate change order proposals
9. Assist with commissioning

Discovery Channel Technology Center – Architect: Gensler – MEP: Various

150,000 square foot structure with brick and curtain wall exterior. This was a retrofit of a
“big box retail” building – 15,000 square feet of mezzanine added to maximize F.A.R. –
first floor technology and break-out area – second floor office – third floor office and data
center – fourth floor office and conference. Building uses evolved over a six year period.
Utility power: Two 2 MEG services on the same loop. Emergency power: 2 MEG
generator (temporary generator hook-up available) Technology: Edit suites, audio suites,
sound control room, sound studio, east & west core for racks, tape library, satellite dishes
(receive only), fiber connectivity.

*Project Executive Services Provided:

1. Coordinate renovation of existing building by Landlord
2. Coordinate Data Center installation – managed by others
3. Coordinate installation of all technology space
4. Assist with general installations



Glenn DeFriest – Vice President for Technical Facilities and Planning – Discovery Communications – 240.662.2348

Todd Raziano – Hard Rock Casino & Hotel CFO – 228.276.7500

Robert Brams – Attorney – Patton Boggs – Washington, DC – 202.457.5600